Watch The Grammy Awards Online

Anyone looking to watch this year’s Grammy Awards live online may have some trouble finding a good high quality live streaming video feed that they can pull up on their pc, computer, laptop, mac, tablet, iphone, or ipad.

That is, unless you use this nifty software program that I discovered last year when I was called into work the evening of the Grammy Awards.

Check out “Nifty Software” here.

I had my whole evening planned, and it consisted of pizza, popcorn, Dr. Pepper, my dog, and a few hours of the best music awards celebration of the year. When all of a sudden, my phone rang. I noticed it was my boss, but I was just thinking he had a question for me for the upcoming week. My heart sank when I realized he desperately needed me to fill in that night for a co-employee that had gotten sick (UGH!!). Being the good employee, I headed into work….sigh.

But, I was determined not to miss the Grammy Awards live. I did a quick search in google, in an attempt to find a live streaming feed that I could pull up on my laptop at work.

I went through the first 5 page of search results, only to find multiple dead-end websites. And one of the websites actually put some sort of the adware or spyware on my computer that took me over a month to finally get rid of it.

Word from the wise: don’t make the same mistake I did.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a website offering a secret software program that actually allows me to watch TV shows, movies, entertainment, music videos, sports, history, weather, news, documentaries, kids stuff, and much more.

I downloaded it onto my laptop and headed off to work without even checking to see if it worked properly.

Thankfully, much to my satisfaction, it worked much better than advertised! I really could not believe how many streaming channels it gave me access too. And, I didn’t have to go searching for them. I just open the software, and it brought all the TV programming to me.

The only negative point that I could bring out about it is that some of the movie channels don’t work all the time. And let me tell you, there are over 3500 channels to choose from.

But what’s cool is, they are constantly updating the channel list and removing the non-working channels. It didn’t really bother me too much anyway because I use it mainly to watch TV shows not movies. But I just wanted to give anyone that downloads it a heads up.